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Our Clients

What Our Clients Say About Us

“Brandeye and Sam are the light in the dark. When I talk to my peers about Sam, I refer to him as a genius. After the initial consultation with him, he distilled my company values and ethos in such a skilled way, even I began to believe more in what we stand for.

He is always my favourite meeting, and his insights, imagination and intelligence shines through in each TikTok video he creates for Wallett and Finch. I had a dream to reach woman of colour between the ages of 25 and 40, earning between R15 000 and R 25 000 per month, so W&F could asssit them to buy their first homes.

We recently posted a Tik Tok video that went viral. We got 71k views and I have subsequently 5 people in this exact target market, contact me through the video and have enrolled in my Own Your Own program. I have more people contacting me each day. Our next video – directed towards selling an apartment we have listed – also gained great traction and I’ve received many valuable enquiries.

I value Brandeye and Sam’s input into my company as the most important way to build a brand in the changing landscape of business and its marketplace.”

Nadia Wallett

Wallett and Finch properties

“BrandEye.Am has helped us to access a much wider, and previously untapped social media audience through a very clever and well executed TikTok strategy. Taking advantage of the more organic, unrestricted reach TikTok offers compared to other social media platforms, our initial video went viral receiving over 197,000 views.

Sam and his team are very up-to-date with trends across all social platforms, and offer invaluable advice, strategy and creative input. TikTok is a particular area of strength, and has helped us convert viewer into physical customers. We have successfully experienced physical store visits and purchases from first-time customers as a direct and immediate result of our TikTok campaigns over the past year.”

Paul Rubin


“Sam and have been an invaluable asset to our business over the last two years. Their responsiveness and understanding of the marketing landscape have helped us to create a super strong digital presence and grown a third revenue channel through our online store.

Their recent help with our TikTok channel has also been a huge success – while we’ve only created two videos so far both have gained over 10,000 views, over 1,000 likes each and we’ve seen a big growth in our customer base.
Their constant creativity and passion makes them a joy to work with and I would highly recommend them.”

Razak Redpath

Thank Goodness Foods

“We had the pleasure to work with Sam and his team on the update of our digital
Sustainability Annual Report.

Thanks to their content creation, graphic design and copy writing expertise, they helped us restructure our content and messages in a way that resonates with our company values and philosophy.”

Marine Mugnier

MCI Sustainability

“I’ve enjoyed the journey with so far because Sam & his team not only supported us with digital marketing execution, but also contributed substantively to an overall strategic pivot in the organization through various brainstorming sessions.

We ‘built this plane while flying’ which required great agility and flexibility from all sides, and thanks to their small size and network of freelancers was able to quickly adjust and deliver what was needed.
Additionally, we profited greatly from Sam’s large network in Cape Town, in the form of various brand collaborations.”

Kaspar Paur


“Sam is a pleasure to work with. His creativity is matched by his keen attention to detail. I would not hesitate to refer the most discerning clients to Sam.

A true wordsmith!”

Amy-Knight Dawson

Scribe Consulting